Make Your Ponytails Damage-Free

posted by Alissa

Ponytails are convenient, fun and stress-free but have a big downfall: they easily damage hair.  Not only are you breaking your hair by pulling and tugging, but you are also loosening the hair follicles from the roots, which will lead to hair falling out faster than it should…aka balding, eek!

Here are some tips to keeping your ponies safe:

  • When you are done with your day, always take them out and brush free. 
  • Vary the location of your ponytail, so the same spot doesn’t get all the stress. 
  •  Put a layer of protection on before, like Davines Melu Shield.
  • Look for soft coated hair ties…the rougher the material on the band, the rougher it will be on your hair.  These ties are a great buy. 
  • Wear your ponytails, buns and braids looser…they are just as cute and you will find yourself not pulling tight all day.

Or make it easy and come to Blast -we will create an adorable, damage-free updo just for you!