Make Your Ponytails Damage-Free

posted by Alissa

Ponytails are convenient, fun and stress-free but have a big downfall: they easily damage hair.  Not only are you breaking your hair by pulling and tugging, but you are also loosening the hair follicles from the roots, which will lead to hair falling out faster than it should…aka balding, eek!

Here are some tips to keeping your ponies safe:

  • When you are done with your day, always take them out and brush free. 
  • Vary the location of your ponytail, so the same spot doesn’t get all the stress. 
  •  Put a layer of protection on before, like Davines Melu Shield.
  • Look for soft coated hair ties…the rougher the material on the band, the rougher it will be on your hair.  These ties are a great buy. 
  • Wear your ponytails, buns and braids looser…they are just as cute and you will find yourself not pulling tight all day.

Or make it easy and come to Blast -we will create an adorable, damage-free updo just for you!



Get Rid of the Frizz

posted by Alissa

Notice your hair is always frizzy? Try this simple tip to see if it does the trick: get rid of the towel wrapped around your hair after you shower. 




Not only does it damage your hair, but the rough cotton causes your hair cuticles to open and go every which way...aka frizz.

Instead squeeze the water out of your hair with your hands, and let air dry for a while before blowdrying.




Best Curls Around!

posted by Alissa



Another perfect do by Blast!

Whether it's a long work day or crazy night out, we make sure your curls can withhold whatever it is you have to conquer.  Come get your long lasting style from us!














Natural Lemon Highlights

posted by Alissa

As the Spring weather starts to get hotter and hotter, here is a fun tip to try while you are enjoying the sun:  squeeze some lemon juice in your hair before laying out for soft, natural highlights.  

The citrus will create subtle highlights that naturally blend into your hair without damaging it like normal dye.



When you have your color perfected, come get your hair styled by our awesome Blast stylists!







Easy Changes That Keep Your Hair Healthy

posted by Alissa

There are little things we are used to doing everyday with our hair that cause breakage and roughness.  Here are some simple ways to change those habits and keep up your healthy hair.

  1. On wet hair, use a comb instead of a brush and start combing from the bottom up.
  2. Before brushing dry hair, dampen your brush to reduce static electricity.
  3. To prevent pulling on tangled hair, use Davines Leave In Mist Conditioner to de-stress your hair and leave a soft and shiny volume.
  4. If you can stand a little cold water, rinse shampoo out of your hair with cool water to seal moisture in the hair shafts.
  5. As always, get regular deep oil conditionings at Blast to help restore nutrients, rejuvenate and moisturize damaged hair...so you can keep using those straight irons.


Why Hair Grows Faster in the Summer

posted by Alissa

Have you ever heard that hair grows faster in the summer?  It does!

Although the majority of hair growth is connected to genes, hormones also play a role.  During the hot summer days, your body works harder to cool down, which leads to more efficient blood circulation. Hair cells will divide more quickly at the root with this circulation, increasing the rate of growth.

So hot days = body working to cool down = blood circulation = hair cells dividing =GROWTH

As Spring approaches, those warm days are a great time to take care of your hair and get an extra scalp massage at Blast for only $10!


Your Hair Cares What You Eat

posted by Alissa

Healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy diet.  When hair is supplied with all the important nutrients it needs, it will keep up growth, health and shine. Using these tips will create luxuriant hair without taking supplements for hair growth.

1. Regular exercise creates good blood circulation, which ensures oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the hair root.

2. An adequate supply of protein in the diet is essential to hair length and shine.  Eat your lean meat, fish, cheese, eggs, and nuts.

3. Whole grain and natural oils are filled with a rich source of vitamins and recommended for the formation of keratin, a major component in hair.

4. Choose low fat milk and cheeses and avoid saturated fat.

5. Replace vegetable oils with animal fats.

6. Get the affordable Blast hair treatments! Scalp massages and deep conditionings keep your hair shiny, growing and healthy.


Simple Way to Prevent Breakage

posted by Alissa

Basic hair care tip when you are washing your hair:

Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet before shampooing, and only lather for no more than 30 seconds.  Both of these simple tips prevent breakage.