Try Your Own Fab Updo

posted by Alissa

Another gorgeous up-do done by Blast!


If you want to create this elegant style at home, here are some tips to get you close.

Start by spraying Davine's volume boosting  moisturizing mist in your hair for extra volume and protection.  Tease the top of your head with a comb until you have a good volume.  Pin if needed.  Then comb the bottom of your hair to one side and start pinning, holding your hair in a side ponytail.  When you have enough pins to hold the hair over on it's own, gently take your pony to the other side, twisting to form the circle you see in this one.  Pin until it is set.  




It won't be exactly the same, but fairly close.  And if it gets too frustrating, stop by Blast and let the experts handle it!